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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  November 7, 2012 7:00am-10:00am PST

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>> there is news about our accident on highway 24. it is in the eastbound direction and the chp had completely stop traffic here to chad completely stopped all traffic here. they have open one laying in the some direction kron 4 urs the
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jackie is on the scene. >> this is a bad commute so if you can use 580 as an alternative route that will save you some time. >> only one line is open eastbound 24 in a run the. the worst back of this on the west bound side. >> downtown san francisco all cannot see much. we do have delays at f f all due to disability. something that we will keep track of as we head into the course of a morning. into the afternoon when will see that the sunshine will climb into the 60s and low 70's. fog will return for the evening hours. we do have wet weather ahead of us as we push and a burst and friday.
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into thursday and friday. i will break down your afternoon high coming up in just a bit. >> it has been 6 months and more than 100 rallies since the president ticked off his reelection efforts. it has now came to win in and a poor performance in the first presidential debate. as election night wore on he continued to rack on boats and was ohio the put president obama on top. for both of the canada is in the final hour after his victory the president stated that he looks forward to working with his former opponent. >> i look forward to sitting out of governor romney to talk about how we can work together to move this country forward.
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>> in his victory speech president obama took a very bipartisan tone. he stated that america voted for action and not politics. >> will take a moment to listen to the gop candidate mitt romney. here is a portion of we have to say. >> i do not believe that there has ever been an effort on our party to what w you have done. thank you for all hours of work. the calls and the appearances. you get deeply from yourself and you performed magnificent leap. you inspired us and you humbled us. if you have been the very best. >> the republicans still maintain control of the house representatives. the voters won both parties to find common ground on issues
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such as the economy. the dimmer kravis did put i wordemocrats still remain in control of the senate. they grabbed two seats that were formerly held by republicans. democrats also put down republican people and ohio. president obama will still be dealt with a divided congress. >> prompt 30 passes in the governor was not able to get a budget done. he stated that these increases-stashed 6 billion revenue is expected to be raised due to this being passed. will be an increase on income-tax the people making $250,000 or more a year. the
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proposition passed 54%. the governor stated that if it had not passed that of the money would have been taken from the schools and it would've made a lot cut for kate to 12. the funding is now coming through as prompt 30 has passed overwhelmingly. one of the wealthiest counties in the state marin county. those opposing the measure was prompt 38. prompt 38 would guarantee that the money will always go to schools. prompt 30 only does this for the first your own. the difference with 38 is that it would of high taxes across the board and even people making 75 $0 a year would have still been taxed. he looks like california's state budget stays intact with the passage of prompt 30. >> in washington and
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colorado than stashed they legalized marijuana for recreational use. this drug would be subject to state regulations and taxes. legal experts stated that this will lead to a supreme court battle with the federal government. it may have a similar issue. >> last check wall street on this day after election. >> the index of the future has been higher but they reversed. the european union slashed its workers. and the european stocks went down blower. >> will take day quick break. it is foggy on the bridge and it is like this on the a lot of the area.
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we have a live look from the scene. kron forced jackie sissel. you are looking at some of the emergency vehicles they're trying to get traffic squeeze into one
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line. you are looking at the eastbound side of highway 24 right at the over in the crossroads. a trailer from a big rig was struck by several vehicles. the big backup is in the west bound direction the current drive time is 40 minutes. from walnut creek to give you from the walnut creek interchange to get to children's hospital and the macarthur maison 24 west bound. >> thank you george. back to politics will continue to digest what happened yesterday in the election. republican challenger mitt romney lost as we know. he has concession speech last my taking a moment to congratulate president obama and his reelection. >> emily e. schmidt joins us live from boston to tell us what mitt romney is doing today. >> if high daria our youth? >> tell us about romney in what he plans to do today. >> the interesting thing is he does not have a public scandal today that the first
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time in recent memory of where he is. that is the difference between running for president and in canada to loss. we are watching a really not mitt romney so much as watching republicans try to dissect the results from last night. try to determine what this meant for them as a look ahead to the next election. how to recover from a lost that last night they came here not quite certain that they would have. >> it is interesting one of the questions is what role does mitt romney have going for for the republican party. have you heard any whispering as to what it plans to do? >> no. we heard him say last night in his speech that everyone needs to work across the aisle to work together. a few minutes after that president obama came out and said he would like to extended hand to reach out to work with mitt romney in the future. will there be a partnership. it is hard to say. the most interesting thing we can say of the rhine romney ticket the person who is going to
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washington is the vice presidential candidate paul ryan. he lost his bid for vice president however, he won reelection in his wisconsin congressional seat. he will be going back to washington. will be able to bring the romney vision to washington? will he take out a pack of is on. that is one of the things that we will have to see that could be a legacy from this campaign. >> thank you emily schmidt live in boston this morning. >> 7:12 a.m. is the time we want to go outside to give you a quick look. again this is our hot spot in the east bay. eastbound 24 accident has snarled traffic. we will get the latest update from george coming in.
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we're back as we digest would happen in the presidential race and some of the propositions around california. >> yes. michael yaki our political analyst waking up to give us his input this morning. would find remarkable as you watched this race. >> i don't know it is remarkable what people were surprised at how quickly the race was called. if you
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look at all the trend lines for the polling people who would have pretty much seen that the outcome was going to be what it cannot be. i think the question was house and would it be. everyone was kind of a way in for a long evening. at 8:20 p.m. we saw a call. and the question waiting for governor romney to concede. >> if nothing surprise you. nothing surprises. you predicted all correctly. >> i think what surprised me was florida. i did not think it would be as close and for the. i thought romney had a distinct advantage and had to is the first bay. the fact that obama did so well and is probably going to win florida was is a price to me. obama winning 303 was not surprising. his pathway to victory had a clear focus. his ground game was superb. the demographics broke his way. i think what we found out were to strengthen it won the latino voters are to be increasingly important in 2016. and 1 are both major
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parties will have a latino at the top of the second point ticket. >> #2 is that the president has an amazing amount of luck when it comes to the surprises. in september of 2008 he and mccain were pretty much tied the the economic crash games. the cane kind of did this crazy i am going to suspend my campaign. obama did the no drama less equal less think about how we respond. obama shoots up. in 2012 are taking sandy comes in and what happens. romney has to basically spent his campaign. obama comes in at presidential does thinks chris christie and he becomes best-loved going on all the networks. when you look at the polling 42 percent of the people voted said that sandy had an impact on their vote. that is 15 percent said it was the major part of why they
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voted. when you look at that with only 5% of the people voted on form policy may be 10 percent voted on health care. but 15 percent said it was sandy. there is a real october surprise in this election and it benefited the great benefit of president obama. >> before we go on to some of the state proposition is one more quick question on the national front. for the republican party you mentioned latino votes be important one for. are we about to seek an internal struggle in the republican party as to what our party is going forward. some people say we have to be more close to capture if that vote of the minority vote. others say no we were not conservative enough is the problem. >> the tea party rights movement and the more moderates we have to rethink our role in this. when you look what happened in northern virginia it looks like 90 percent of the latinos and northern
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virginia voted for obama. that is an extraordinary number. >> let's move on to the propositions and out is the proposition 30. the i think that was a good thing jerry brown put a lot of political capital on this. unions went for it. >> i will put this out there. because of this victory because of the way he brought businesses and people together this i think it was a good trial on four whether jerry brown is on to think seriously about running in 2016. >> really. for president? >> yes. to meet the visibility that the energy he would 4 on proposition 30 in the fact that he won against people spending is zillion dollars against it is a good sign for him. >> how old will >>. >> i did not think age is a matter. >> the runs. aids is
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becoming less and less of an issue whether it is on the young in. in terms of like a president obama on or on the older in. as long as everything up here is working and you look fit people give you a pass. >> we will continue to talk to you in digest the elections stuff throughout the morning. do not always take a little nap. >> if ok. i was a slate of the desk. >> if you want to connect with michael it could follow on twitter his handle is atyaki .com or you can read his block likely aikido,. >> we are just getting another light open in the east bound direction now. we have gone from two to three lines open here. we're all lanes were obstructed by this major accident. it was a big rig that lost its trailer at as a result several vehicles ran into that trailer creating a multi vehicle crash. this is in orinda in the eastbound
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direction. you are looking at traffic coming from the tunnel heading towards walnut creek. in the corner of your screen here is the west bound traffic that is the commute direction forget about it. the drive time is 45 minutes for some reason drive time is it showing up. here i will put in for you. 45 minutes here in the west bound direction. from lafayette all the way out to children's hospital it is a solid wall of traffic. use highway four or interstate 580 instead. for your ride to the bay bridge the west bound direction fairly normal day here. no surprises. 16-80 minutes if you are coming from interstate 80 or from interstate 880 the nimitz freeway. 22-24 minutes if you are coming of the macarthur maize. the centel bridge ride is up to 30 minutes got to lbad. problem free for marin
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county on 101 southbound. here's a look at what would erica. >> look at the fog from your golden gate bridge. we are seeing what is happening above from our mount tam cam. it is breezy in the higher elevations with big stories of fog now. dense and some of the norse the valleys with santa rosa reporting at over a mile visibility. half of my for napa. some of the fog is inland fairfield interstate 80 a mile in they have for concord. if conditions have worsened for haywood and redwood city. that will be the story for the rest of the morning. it is not until the afternoon we will see clearing. most sunny skies on tap. temperatures in the upper 60s so seventies. again we broke records just a day for gilroy, san jose, at oakland. far from that you can see 68 for mountain view. 70 in santa clara. 71 in campbell. into the east bay sunny conditions
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expected low seventies for fairfield antioch. 67 san leandro. in the north bay and mild day in store for us. 68 for petaluma. 71 and apple. downtown san francisco at 64 and 62 in daly city. we are tracking the cold front will push into the bay area. now situated in the gulf of alaska. we could see some moisture futurecast 4 set up 4:08 a.m. the heart of your morning commute should be a dry one. it will be cool a lot of arctic air pushing in. the moisture sitting offshore steel. is not until 10:00 that we will see light showers are route san raphael. we continue to see a pop up stray shower into the afternoon and evening hours. the instability will continue until friday. winter weather advisory in effect for the greater lake tahoe area. saturday and sunday will be drive morning fog and
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afternoon sunshine. temperatures start to climb as we push in closer to veterans day. 7:23 a.m. it is time for a break with the kron 4 morning news will be right back. stay with us.
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concern about whether greece will in at this next round of cuts. greece will one out of money in a couple of weeks and concern now about the physical cliff at the end of the year if congress is not able to act government cuts will come in. the bush era tax cuts will expire. tax increases for all americans. we have a big drop the dow off 242. . we will be right back as a kron 4 morning news continues oñ
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good morning welcome back to the 7:29 a.m.. we have sluggish traffic 4% francisco with fog returning. we also got quite a hot spots talk about. highway 24 n aranda and accident eastbound it shut down the freeway in the east bound direction. traffic is
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still backed up cuba tunnel into rock ridge. a trailer became detached from his tractor a big creek struck by several passing vehicles. the trailer itself to overturn it will take some time to clear. of course it created quite a visual hazard for the west bound side of the freeway. you can see how slowly the traffic moves approaching the accident and immediately the speed picks up. if i were in that traffic i would be very frustrated now. here's a look at the backups. a 45 minute commute out of walnut creek just to get you through the tunnel.
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use interstate 5804 west bound track if you could get that far south. let's head of to the weather center with an update. >> george we have some dense fog with us this morning that is actually impacting our riding flight at s f o announcing the lay is averaging 60 minutes. keep that in mind. also keep in mind if you're on the roadways visibility is limited. highway 37, 101 around santa rosa. the east shore freeway is impacted. 580 broken. >> into the afternoon sun of a cool conditions to to sitting in '60s and '70s. the fall return once again with an average of the cooler side. big changes in store for us tomorrow. scattered showers on tap as we see a cold front and consist thunderstorm friday. the potential for hailed as well. cooler temperatures and cloudy conditions a full breakdown on what to expect thursday and friday coming up james. >> thank you erica back to
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politics one of the hi high- profile propositions, proposition 30 was an to increase funding for schools and stave off a multibillion-dollar budget shortfall which would directly impact schools. will transit standing by live at lincoln middle school he has been out there all morning long. >> 54% get 46% notes. we have to faculty members here we will interview them in a few seconds. let me set the table for proposition 30 so you would know what is going on with the proposition. take a look at your screen. what it does it will infuse $6 billion annually but for them to do that it will raise the sales tax a quarter cent over the next four years also for a household that makes $250,000 and more that will also increase the income tax. money obviously involved. people say yes
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more education. the majority of those who voted against it said exit polls said that is because it is the slow economy i do not have a lot of money to spare. when government should be taking care of business in not turning to deck stairs again. >> if let's talk to the people were on both sides of this. here's chris. you are with the teachers' union why were you for proposition 30? >> it is absolutely clear how devastated education in california has been over the last two years. you said that six states the government ought to take care of things we are the state we have the money. i think four years and should get us through the years while the state legislature does what is ought to do which is to figure out how you will adequately fund education. i think we can do that. a quarter cent across the board for a quarter percent across the board seems reasonable to me. and to tax the people of the
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highest level is too much and $50,000 single $500,000 for a marriage couple that is a pretty high threshold where as the of a proposition like proposition 38 was going to tax everybody had a much higher rate regardless. >> as i am speaking to you here is kevin over there shaking his head. you are almost like to know i disagree. why are you so adamantly against proposition 30? >> if it does not do anything to guarantee that the tax money raised goes to education. all it does is go to the general fund and we know that politicians waste money. i don't see there is anything in the proposition will guarantee the money will go to education. this is more money taken from me. >> so you will be at the polls with the people voted no sang we don't go nowhere the money goes into you should take care of business are you turning to people were struggling and asking for money again. >> they need to take care of business and i think they have enough money. they have enough money to run the state that does have to run
7:35 am
it in an efficient manner. >> that we play teacher. when you guys go back to school you guys play nice. he was like no no no. >> we are used to that we have been at it for years. >> they are almost like brother and sister of both sides of the issue. again the governor will have a news conference at 11:00 a.m. this morning. to get his reaction the day after he thought he was going to win late last night we heard from him but now that it is official, officially time in a proposition 30. >> very good will. for a bottle is adjusted proposition 38 went down in defeat. this is to of many propositions which are watching the news room with more. >> let us talk about proposition 32 and 33. proposition 32 for that proposition failed. this is the proposition that would have limited contributions from unions. with a livid the money taken out of union members pay checks to be used for political contributions. that goes down. supporters of for unions here in the state of
7:36 am
california. the donor list was released $11,000,000.40 yes on proposition 32 came from different groups of the state of arizona up that began for one group to another to another which is a cost to its money laundering in the state of california. on to proposition 33 this was about auto insurance measure of the ballot. if you keep your polish origin sector good driver discount from one issuer to the other. what it would have done for people getting in short for the first time or people did not have a car and got a car again, their rates would skyrocket. . this is on the by one man the head of mercury in shorts there was a similar product on the ballot two years ago. if that one failed and so this is the proposition 3 goes down. >> richmond voters overwhelmingly said no to a tax on soda and other sugary drinks. backers of the measure argued the tax would reduce the consumption of soft drinks which are blamed
7:37 am
for child obesity while also generate revenue for youth programs. opponents said its businesses would lose millions of dollars in sales and prices would go up for consumers. let us take a look at the vote margin by two to one. voters said no to this new tax. the measure was only able to garner 33 percent of the approval vote. >> election dominated social media conversation on election day. in the last election about 37% of america said if the use of social networking site. fast forward to now and to third say they are socially engaged quite a bit more. twitters saw rates of more than three to 27,000 tweets permitted and on facebook and the what terms use with variations of the word vote. meanwhile, is the cra instagram questioning photography at some polling places. >> you can see the dow is
7:38 am
down by quite a large margin 244 points to the downside at 13,000 and could drop below the 13,000 mark during our broadcast. as of the dutch 26 nasdaq down 55. we will have wrought a black on set during the 9:00 hour to a breakdown this week's winners and losers.
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we are back at 7:41 a.m. following a develop in-store were fire crews are battling a to alarm fire in the 800 block of marion drive in new work. our sole reporter mike pelton is live on the scene. mike. >> james since the sun has come up in the past hour you can really start see the extent of the damage here in newark. you can see firefighters in the back of the house looking for remains hot spots. loss of vern furniture. you can see a hole in the side of the home. a lot of damage to the
7:42 am
house after a to alarm fire broke out here after to get 2:00 a.m.. officials say six people what inside the home when the fire broke out. to parents and their four children. apparently the father woke up saw the flames, smoke, and call for help. police arrived on scene and helps the family get out of the house. fire crews worked out the flames. they continue to look for hot spots. no word at this point on exactly what caused the fire. they are trying to determine that. a fire investigator is on scene. the family to upset a talk on camera. take a look at this picture you will see why. a lot of damage to the home. the mother however, did briefly say everyone in the family is ok. that is the good news. james however, i am told just a few minutes ago the family dog did not survive the fire. fortunately however
7:43 am
the family, is ok if. again the family dog did not make it through. >> taking mike for the update out of the span. >> 7:43 a.m. is the time thank you for waking kron 4 more will be back in a couple of minutes and we will talk with gary about the election and a little support for you this morning. taking a live look at the fog in san jose and 101 north bound sluggish
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>> welcome back to the kron 4 news we are looking at the ride on interstate 24 in the west bound erection. let us start over. here is a look at the right on highway 24 in the eastbound direction. traffic is still backed up. the right hand lane is still blocked by emergency vehicles. this is a state of alert. this meant in effect for about an hour and 15 minutes perhaps of more. it is really jammed the west bound ride. it is backed up into walnut creek, in fact 680 southbound started to slow here the the trip heading into oakland. the drive time just from here to here 45 minutes. you can add more if you are coming out of concord and heading all the way toward the macarthur maize. big delays. use highway four or interstate 580 around a problem. i will
7:47 am
quickly take a look at the other slow traffic. interstate 80 west bound fairly heavy. as is the ride on highway 580 west bound. 880 south leading to the dumbarton bridges is a slow ride. 85 especially heavy in to saratoga this morning. we have laid delays for the ride on 101 southbound. there is an accident at the lincoln off ramp that accounts for for the normal traffic from north tie with 37. the bay bridge west bound the back of did not because the macarthur maize the close. the san mateo bridge drive times are holding at 11 minutes which is good news. it is the first time in a while in this hour that we have seen the speeds stay up. looking at your ride to the golden gate bridge heading down the southbound direction. slowing from the south tower as you head out with a gates there is spotted so traffic along the presidio parkway. at 7:47 a.m. as it to the what does center here's erica.
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>> good morning george we have fog to talk about. it is creating delays at as at all. because of the visibility problems the delays are 60 minutes. if you are hitting the roadways a half mile visibility for napa. 6 mi. right around as at all. your afternoon highs '60s and '70s across-the- board with downtown san francisco at 64. 71 for napa. antioch livermore at 72. in our tracking a cold front expected to hit the bay area tomorrow. as i walked with the timing futurecast 4 shows in to the 8:00 our offshore spotty showers may be 10 between 10 and 1:00 p.m. keep that in mind. the was the cloud cover in showers will continue to pass. keep an umbrella handy not only tomorrow but into friday as well. temperatures start to climb as we start the next work week. >> i have just called
7:49 am
president obama to congratulate him on his victory. his supporters and his campaign also deserve congratulations. >> i wish all of them well but particularly the president the first lady and their daughters. this is a time of great challenges for america and i prayed that the president will be successful and guiding our nation. >> i just spoke with governor romney and i congratulated him and paul ryan on a hard-fought campaign. (cheers & applause) we may have battled fiercely but it is only because we love this country deeply. we care so strongly about its future. from george to lenore to their son minutes. the romney family has chosen to give back to america public- service. that is their legacy that we honor and we applaud tonight.
7:50 am
>> i just wish that the campaign could be like this. it is always in the victory in the concession speech that you hear everybody coming together. >> i am looking right now is on the i just turn on the tv to be honest. everybody has their feelings back and forth. look at the stock market this morning that as i lot of people feel. >> if the stock market is not doing right well. >> you know what i mean it is like that is the deal. the one thing i will say that positive if i had once beach to listen to before i die give me obama. >> he is a good speaker you know i think the way you win and the way you those both of those speeches are important it says a lot about you. it is like in sports when the team which won to be humble in the win and when you lose you want to look good. you do not want to be sour grades. >> positively. that cannot take away two years of the
7:51 am
way they went after each other. >> let us be brutally honest. politicians that is what they do. so you do not trust either one of them as far as rhetoric during a campaign speech. if i was romney and someone talk about me that way for two years and on the flip side to. romney was not nice either. that was a dirty campaign. i do wish they could have run it like that but i know politics and sports are the same. >> at the end of the day with a rather run a clean campaign louis or a dirty campaign when. >> that is like say let us see in sports and win any way we can't you know what i mean. you did not want to do that. >> no. i was listening to a guy last night who will remain nameless he said can you blame people who maybe
7:52 am
things have not rolled right for them for wanting obama. if you feel obama is on your side and will help you and give you things where romney is talking about the economy of the time and capitalism and all that business. if you have had a couple of bad breaks in your life you would vote for bob to. >> i really enjoyed the process of voting. it feels exciting. you hear about item zero if you did. this one story is important i try to tell the kids is your right is a privilege. this guy in michigan he actually dropped best-his heart stopped he had a heart attack or something. a nurse revived him the first thing out of his mouth was did i vote. >> that is cute. >> that means a lot of people that is no question the question about it. it is like losing a friend this morning we have had this witness for so long. --with
7:53 am
us for so long. >> in chicago while obama was winning the bulls won. coincidence he loves basketball it loves chicago bulls win. >> you are ahead of me i had no idea what took place last night. i was flipping the different channels. it was i mean, this is like everybody's possible vote last night. >> sports is sizable and i will always be up of the sports. the bulls won who did they play? that play the magic. there i >> at stanford they suddenly put in a new starting quarterback. they said his parents are lobbyist and he went to high school down the block from the capital. i am wondering if there was a politics and suddenly we find out that he is named the starting quarterback. >> i wish i would never known that i had the
7:54 am
stanford coach on the radio yesterday. he said it was time for a change and i did not know his parents at a political background. >> foggy,. >> he will be starting this weekend in their game against oregon state. >> this is the end of michael yaqui for four years at kron. >> i will see you. >> we will be back with more our political coverage in just couple of minutes. @ñ
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at 7:57 a.m. here it stores were working on for 8:00 a.m.. alexian's the first to collect an openly gay senator. >> we hope you enjoy the warm weather we had because the next look outside of it
7:58 am
is different out. the fog is back the cool weather is bad. it will be a lot like november more on your forecast of the hot spot in the traffic department in forecast of the hot spot in the traffic department in jujack, you said you wanted a whole new breakfast item. i give you... flap jacks. hmm! thing is, i don't know if i'm comfortable with people eating my face. how 'bout a loaded breakfast sandwich with country-grilled sausage, bacon, ham, two fried eggs, and melting cheese on toasted sourdough. don't do it. don't eat my face... do not eat my... you ate his face?!
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(male announcer) live from the bay area's news station, this is the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news at 8:00 a.m. start now >> with your stories and your struggles i return to the white house more determine and more inspired than ever about the work there is to do in the future that lies ahead. >> four more years to do it the president reelected into the white house. details on the victory and what he hopes for the united states calling for. late into the night republican founder mitt romney conceded the election we will talk to our political analyst michael young coming up. first bay area weather and traffic cop spots in the east bay. >> thank you we continue to track the major accident on highway 24 best. we have three
8:01 am
lines available in the east bound directions that emergency it was creating a backup. jackie so what can you tell about progress they're making about when this out. >> they're making progress george. this happened around 6:20 a.m. now it is around the clock. they did it a tractor-trailer out of the middle of the road. you can see the emergence of vehicles there. you can see also traffic is. when i can't read around 645 7:45 a.m. this morning. traffic stopped that means that traffic behind me was stopped in the tunnel itself. things have gotten better. but this scene should be able stubborn incident. it is not only affect the eastbound traffic however, you can see
8:02 am
also the west bound traffic is. it looks like the entire morning commute on 24 is too far gone at this point. >> all right jackie. let us take a look at the back up as the switch over to the traffic map. we are still backed up to the tunnel eastbound. in fact it 4 is down backed up into rock ridge. near the children's hospital. is this west bound ride that is romanca mess. backd up into concord. this is just a real mess. highway four may be a better option for you this morning. we have picked up the you hot spot of the peninsula in hillsborough. if there was an accident and install on 280 southbound. what is otherwise the trouble-free commute it looks as though the lights may have cleared recently as the censors are updating showing little better speeds. you will find allays heading down toward
8:03 am
highway 92. traffic backed up from san bruno on 280 southbound. over to the what weather >> we have issues with the stability at s f o expect delays on arriving flights. averaging an hour. is a cold start to the morning most locations sitting in the '50s. in the afternoon we will see sunshine. breeze kicks sand cool conditions than yesterday's. today the transition day between yesterday's record pretty temperatures and the rate we expect tomorrow. for those of you stepping out of the door 54 in downtown san francisco. 57 in san jose and oakland. i will show you where the numbers are expected to go coming up in my next report. >> thank you erica 8:03 a.m. is in six months and more than 100 route since the president officially kicked off his reelection effort. a slow economy and poor performance in the first
8:04 am
presidential debate that the campaign in a tie as we headed into the final weeks. election night as it were the president continue to wrap up key let your votes. it was so high that put president obama over-the-top a state that became ground zero for both candidates and the final hour of the campaign. >> we were made more than a collection of rebel states. we are and will forever will be the united states of america. (cheers & applause) and with your help and god grace we will continue hot on and remind the world just why it is dead we live in the greatest nation on earth. thank you america god bless you. >> after his victory the president said he looks forward to working with governor romney in the future. coming up at 8:20 a.m. we will talk live to renee marsh about the election. >> or 1:00 a.m. in the morning east coast time to concede the race. he spoke
8:05 am
briefly different from the speech he had planned to give earlier. >> i do not believe that there has ever been an effort that could compare to what you have done over these past years. thank you so very much. (cheers & applause) thank you for all the hours of work, for the calls, for the speeches and appearances. for the resources and the prayer's you gave deeply from yourself and performed magnificent lee and inspired us and you humbled us. you have been the very best we could have imagined. >> the general makeup of congress expected republicans maintaining control of the house of representatives. the voters want both parties to find common ground on the economy issues. 10 members of the tea party freshman class of 2010 were defeated. democrats contained control of the senate holding on to
8:06 am
their narrow majority. they grabbed two seats by the gop in indiana and massachusetts. president obama will again be dealing with a divided congress. >> voters passed governor jerry brown is to raise sales and income tax increase to help set california schools. proposition 30 increase taxes on earnings over to under $50,000 for seven years. increase the sales tax as well of a quarter cent. that start in 2013 and last through 2016. you can see that proposition 30 pass with 54 percent of the voters saying yes to that. then there is proposition 38 which went down. that would have increased taxes on earnings and a sliding scale for 12 years and the revenue would have gone throughk-12 schools. it failed. the proposition 36 was three strikes law. adjutancy it passed with 65 percent of
8:07 am
the vote. this revises the lot to impose life sentences only when a new felony conviction a series of violent. officials may also authorized three sentencing if a third strike conviction would not seriously by the. we have proposition 36 and they say it will save about $70 million per year now that it is taking effect. >> you have a lot more of the propositions throughout the morning. watching a sharp drop on wall street. the dow jones industrial average down over 2 percent. down 284 points. the dow falling below the 15,000 mark at 12,961. michael yaqui to coming up shortly.
8:08 am
8:09 am
8:10 am
welcome back to the kron 4 morning as we continue to track hot spots. highway 24 has jammed up traffic all over the east bay. not only are the eastbound lanes affected so are the westbound lanes. so is southbound interstate 680 which is backed up into concord martinez even slow coming down from but the benicia bridge. as put pressure on highway four on interstate 580 as well. federal hot spot with the leas on 880 southbound hear coming out of hayward into union city and newark and fremont. with so traffic continued towards milpitas and the free model pitas corridor. >> thank you george more on the propositions and the state of california. talking
8:11 am
about proposition 34 that would have repealed that the death penalty. and replaced with life in prison. including over 700 inmates are sitting on that road that is defeated at 52%. 47 percent yes. this has been gaining traction when it was brought up the monetary policy involved. when it was pointing out that over for real dollars have been spent defending people on that road that brought down to 308 million for the death sentences that were carried out of the state of california. is on hold for seven years because of lawsuits. the loss was to wrap up next year at that point the debt that we will resume in the state of california. there currently 13 inmates sitting on death row would exhaust all of their appeals. >> that of talk about proposition 37 is the labeling of genetic foes. this is defeated a 53 note to 47 percent yes. the argument here is that it would cause increased costs
8:12 am
for producers to put those labels on their food. it is estimated that 70 percent of food is already genetically engineered. it is going down. proposition 37 defeated 57 to 47. >> wisconsin democratic rep tammy baldwin one last night beating former wisconsin gov. tommy thompson. she said she relies our sexual orientation will gain attention that is not what it is all about. >> if i am well aware that i will be the first openly gay member. (cheers & applause) but, i did not kron to make --i did not run a to make history iran to make a difference. >> baldwin makes history as
8:13 am
wisconsin's first female u.s. senator she takes over for a retiring democrat. >> michael yaqui coming up we will talk more about the state that legalized marijuana. [ female announcer ] welcome one and all to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least. a turkey from safeway will have everyone raving. there's fresh, natural, frozen, whatever you're craving. spend 25 and get a frozen safeway turkey for 59 cents a pound. or get another of the best deals around.
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a frozen butterball, 99 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair...grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life.
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8:16 am
2012 news and a lot of interesting races but nationwide not just in california. >> michael yaqui will talk to us about some of the things across the nation. but the a big a showdown over the out fofor recreational use. >> of the governor of colorado has a license of humor he said to all people in quan call route and i congratulate those who pass it but do not read out the goldfish and achieve those quite yet because it is still illegal under federal law. >> how're they reconcile that that will be adjusted to watch. >> it is interesting
8:17 am
because it depends on the individual jurisdiction i know that in california for example with medical marijuana. you can take pot on the airplane if you have a medical marijuana to to get even though federal law prohibited. is in in the in individual state rule. >> in the last year and a half we saw i regret down by the federal government on crack down medical marijuana. >> i think there have been a bit of a backlash in terms of medical marijuana weather not all the people on it are really needed or not. we all know how much it works with cancer patients with certain types of tree. certainly there are instances of their and suspended press or reaction by the federal government. >> we also saw same-sex marriage as in maine and maryland. if we do not know about washington state get. i think that washington state is leading. there is a an amendment in minnesota to
8:18 am
ban same-sex marriage that went down. >> main is important because may is the first popularly elected. most have been referendums. i think that this is a good trend nationwide. more and i were talking about that the fact that no matter what the supreme court does i think it will behoove california in the next election cycle to put it back on the a lesson about. >> this will work with the fence because congress passed--we have the obama administration say they would not defend the lawsuit. >> if this is something when the nation has evolved. i think a lot of the leadership has come from the savages call bay area and it is a recognition of how people have changed. think about tammy baldwin. she is elected and openly gay center in wisconsin six years after wisconsin put in a gay marriage ban. this is something that in terms of how people have changed is probably some of the most rapid evolution of our
8:19 am
people's mind sets have evolved on the issue of gay marriage and same-sex issues. a good question for you this the first elections since is in united. the ruling by the supreme court that corporations are people too. >> a billion dollars spent in this collection what have we learned going forward as far as the money in presidential elections? >> if you are a television station a mile is a good investment. i think they spent nearly two london million dollars and ohio along. the president has said he wants to make repeal insists to the constitutional amendment. in reality i don't think it will happen unless people believe speak rise of about it. and say they are mad as heck and would not take it anymore. do i think it is likely to happen. i just do not see it. i think people learn how to turn out. in fact the media did a great job in fact checking all of ads that came out. using twitters and the social media and using the free media irresponsible
8:20 am
journalism. it was a great job of keeping it check a lot of the out bridge claims that were out there >> thank you michael for joining us. >> if you want to give that as if you want to contact michael his twitter handle it is@ out the block. >> we have talked about this one for two hours. it is not getting any better even though it is getting better. that is confusing let me straighten it out for you. emergency crews are still of work on the shoulder. that is a visual hazard. not only for the eastbound ride which was completely blocked for nearly two hours. will completely blocked for about 45 minutes. that has only been in the last 20 minutes we have had the
8:21 am
final lane opened. it is the west bound ride that is taken a beating this morning. take a look at the traffic maps you will see. eastbound traffic backed up into berkeley oakland. through rock ridge through the tunnel. look at the ride on westbound 24. and southbound 680. southbound 680 was backed up martinez because of the delays on west bound to four. the drive time from here to here just 45 minutes. coming down from the phoenician up ridged almost the same amount time and really rough ride it has put extra pressure on highway 4 and interstate 580. also be delays for the right 1880 southbound for the fremont milpitas corridor. as a san mateo bridge moves pretty well we have seen less pressure on southbound 880 is a tough ride through milpitas down to 237. a quick look at the bridges.
8:22 am
the bay bridge what back up no delays here west bound. mostly because the traffic on sunday 4 is being held up. your ride to the san mateo bridge still doing well a 13 minute drive time. we have not seen the spiked to 22 minutes that's been familiar for the last several weeks. for the golden gate bridge ride it has been heavy for about the last 35 minutes. in southbound direction. we have no reports of problems but it is jam-conceit. >> erica. >> good morning george we are taking a look at the cloud cover from above and our mount tam cam. locally dense fog especially in the north bay with visibility at a mile and a half for santa rosa. just a mile in napa. we have a lot of low-lying ground fog to contend with especially along the coast. concord drop down to 5 mi. to commuting to hayward. maybe leave a little extra time out there and be careful on the roadways. take a look at afternoon
8:23 am
mostly sunny skies that fog will start to burn off. temperatures significantly cooler compared to what we saw yesterday. 68 degrees in mountain view 70 in santa clara. to the east bay 71 for fairfield 67 in san leandro. mild and north bay upper 60s for novato and petaluma. downtown san francisco at 64 and 66 in oakland. satellite and radar has the bigger picture with checking cold front that would drop down with it we could see showers and to 13 friday. dry conditions for the weekend temperatures start to climb as we start the next work week. a 20 3:00 a.m. kron 4 morning news has to take a quick break we will be right back
8:24 am
there is no more heartbreaking a sight than the sad. the exposed. the public testament to unrealized potential in such epic proportion.
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conversely, there is nothing more glorious... than the last minute comeback.
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8:27 am
>> mitt romney wanted to
8:28 am
make sure that the numbers were correct before he conceded. after quite some time eventually after looking at all the possibilities he realized that there was no other way for the numbers to work in his favor. we saw him appear on the stage in boston to concede. >> you can imagine that this was met with loud applause as. >> we will be right back as kron 4 continues.
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> there are a lot of hot spots outside this morning. >> this incident is kind of traffic all around the east bay. it is now two hours into this accident. this is
8:31 am
that the cross rose and you concede that emergency crews are on the right-hand side. this eastbound ride was a complete stop for so long that backed up traffic everywhere. we have been talking about this on 24. look at what it has done. it has affected the drive on northbound 13. because of the problem on westbound 24 southbound 680 traffic has been jammed up all the way from martinez to concord. >> for your ride onto a southbound earlier there was a recurring accident. this left traffic jammed all the way to daly city. this tobacco was clearing but it
8:32 am
actually has not clear. from 1 01 it is extremely slow. >> what a difference a day makes. yesterday we saw sunshine and a record breaking temperatures. we are waking up to dense fog and the temperatures are assisting in the '50s. tomorrow there will be a big change ahead because we are tracking a cold front that will bring showers to the bay. the rain will stay until friday but dry conditions are expected for the weekend. we do have issues with visibility and delays are going to be about--for airlines. you should keep this in my with your carrier and if you are picking someone up from the airport. >> one of the hot topics in the election was prompt 30 periods the palm 30 vote was
8:33 am
very close. it pulled out a victory. this is one of the schools where it was the funding because a prompt 30. >> that will get $6 million for the education system. it did not look good very on but a push through and now with 99 percent of the precincts are common for they're sitting at 54%. here is what we are facing. take a look at the screen. as far this sales tax we always see a 25¢ celotex over the next four years. for those of you making $250,000 a more income-tax will go up. this will happen retroactively for this year as opposed to january 1st. the ones who
8:34 am
were against proposition 30 it believe that the governor will use the money elsewhere. but he did state that the money will go education and will prevent some of automatic trigger is due to take the 12 had it not pass. >> i am glad that 30 passed. i support schools and it will help some of the charter schools. >> some people stated the they were against it because of the economic times been slow. >> that's ok because the schools are important. >> exit polls show that the driving force that pushes over happened to be the younger voters. these are people in college because of scene tuition increase in class cut its. the governor went to campuses and spoke with them about the
8:35 am
proposition. at 11:00 p.m. the governor will speak in sacramento and we will be there to see what has to say. this was the governor's signature tax ballot and he did state that when he took office that he would raise taxes unless the people did approve a periods >> less take a look at the propositions that we voted on. there is prompt 32 and this was the one that restricts union donations for political campaigns. you concede this one went down and it failed to pass. this wulff created all groups equal. prompt 32 failed to pass. let's look at prompt 33 and this was the one that would set auto insurance rates and this one
8:36 am
failed then it would have replaced rather allowed to the insurance companies to base your rates on your driving record. and it would've been a bad effect on people getting insurance for the first time. >> the election had a huge effect on social media. in the last election about 37% of americans stated that they use a social network aside. if you fess for tonight it was very high periods two-thirds stated that they're socially engaged atwitter saw their rates go of due to the election. on face but the number one tool that would choose what variations of the word vote. >> the dow jones industrial average is now falling. the
8:37 am
s&p is below 1400.
8:38 am
8:39 am
>> a developing story that we are following. a house fire burned overnight and that family was inside.
8:40 am
let's go to our solo reporter who is live on the same. >> a handful of them left and this cruiser is and cleanup mold. there is a lot of rubble and you concede some of them walking out of the house. you get a really good look at the extent of damage to this home. you could see a lot of burnt furniture and you can look at the front window and bought on this you can see what looks like the side of the house with a huge hole. this broke out just about 2:00 a.m. this morning. let us show you some video from earlier. authority stated the six people were inside this home when it broke out a mother, father and their four children. the police department was able to get them out safely and then the fire crews showed up and put the fire out. the family
8:41 am
are too upset to go on camera and a mother stated that they're door and okay but they're very upset to what has happened to their home. neighbors stated that will pull together to help his family out. >> i mislead good last night and my heart is still being released s. this is just awful. i am praying for them and i told them that i'm here for them. i am sure that all the other neighbors will fill the same. >> fire investigators are on this thing to determine what sparked this blaze and while the fire did not cause any human lives to be taken sadly i am told that the family dog and not survive the fire. >> on this post-election day we are watching a huge drop on wall street. the dow is
8:42 am
sitting at 12,00917. investors are looking at massive tax increases to kick him. the dow and s. decker down 2%. >>
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> the time is now 8:45 a.m.. we're now seeing some
8:46 am
improvement. it was this month to vehicle accident that occurred on eastbound 24. a trailer separated and was struck by vehicles. the last of accident is still here on the shoulder. this backed up traffic all the way into oakland on the eastbound shot side. the westbound traffic was backed up all the way to convert. the backlog reached all way back to walnut creek and 680 south bound. we are still jammed up here on northbound 13 and on westbound 580 because of this. this occurred at 6:21 a.m. this morning. >> we continue to see delays 1280 and the southbound direction. the
8:47 am
ride into hillsborough is still down due to other problems. they look at the bridge check. the bay bridge is clear and san mateo bridge has not seen any big delays. you're ride on the golden gate bridge has been very heavy and southbound 11 is still jammed from about mid span. this is down to the toll plaza and we have not heard any delays. this has been slow for about an hour-and-a-half to two hours. >> back to the election coverage senator dianne secured her seat in
8:48 am
california. she reassured californians that she is heading back to the capital for a fourth full term. her opponent for remains--her campaign struggled to stay out the red while she raised more than $8 million. >> proposition 34 repeal the death penalty and what it did have early in has been defeated. 53 percent say no and 47 percent say yes. narrowly 700 inmates who are sitting on death row. but also requires human traffickers to register as
8:49 am
sex offenders. >> prompt 31 is on the state budget and this one people voted no on. this would of credited to your state budget cycle and this would have allowed the governor to cut some spending. the voters said no to prop. 31. >> the california secretary of state's office stated that there were no problems with voting. they stated that a lot of people called a halt hot lines to find out where they had to go to vote. >> for the most part it was a is will the election considering that this was a higher turnout. we have more people doing something and this was more challenges that could have occurred. i do not know what the turnout
8:50 am
will be but i know that the past presidential elections and has been about 71% of people who came out and voted. >> many people stop by and dropped off their mellon balance and he stated that as long as your in the line by a clot your vote would be counted. >> watching our hot spot with george. >> we do have dense fog outside especially in the north bay. downtown sampras's call will have a great start for this morning. the good news is that temperatures will slowly rise. let's take a look at the visibility charged. it is still under 2 mi. for highway 1 01. you
8:51 am
could see the the fog is impacted their one. everyone is in the same boat. we will see sunshine in the afternoon. remember yesterday we saw our record pranking numbers. we actually climbed until the low 90s for some spots. but today we're talking about 60's and '70's. antioch's as 72 degrees and 71 degrees for danville. it will be a mild day and it is 72 for santa rosa. the big weather storm of their tracking is the rain that is slated for tomorrow. high pressure is no longer can play and this will impact us and we will
8:52 am
see cloudy conditions. at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow will be dry and just checked out by 10:00 a.m. we will see the spotted shoppers. though showers will continue as we head into the evening hours. you should keep your umbrellas handy. saturday and sunday it will be dry and temperatures will slowly start to climb >> just in live pictures from new jersey where the governor is holding a press conference. >> first of all i will call
8:53 am
what i have--this has become the wording but the fact of the matter is that i am a guy who tells the truth. the president of the united states did something good and he should get credit for. it does not take away the fact that i was the first governor in america to endorse mitt romney. i traveled for him and i raise money for him and i worked hard that any other person in america. i do not know what affected has but i move forward and i have to look for to what my challenges are for the future. this election is over so we have to look for the next challenge. the republican governors will be the people
8:54 am
that will lead-- >> you are listening that him reacting to criticism from people of this party. the president was there to offer assistance for new jersey and at that time he praised the president for him handling his preparations for the storm. he was criticized because he should have been somehow try to praise mitt romney. >>
8:55 am
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woman: oh! tully's. how do you always have my favorite coffee? well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee and even hot cocoa. and you'll always find your favorite. woman #2: with so many choices, keurig has everyone's favorite. i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. >> we are watching wall street. we are down 318 points for the dow. we will continue to track wall street coming up at 9:15 a.m.. >>
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> our top story at 9:00 a.m. is wall street. >> president obama and his supporters gathered in his hometown of chicago to celebrate his win. she is joining us and she was alive there during the election. >> on this day after election day voters are wondering how the president will handle the nation. the president spent time with his supporters here at campaign election headquarters to celebrate the victory. >> and a lecture find crowd
9:01 am
greeted barack obama or early wednesday morning. he said that he is ready for 4 more years. >> with your stories and struggles i return to the white house more determined and more inspired than ever. >> his reelection came back to a nail biting return. he won several swing states and clothing ohio which pushed him over the 270 editorial boats. it was a tight race but challenger mitt romney conceded the race wednesday morning. >> i look for to sitting down with governor romney to see how we can move together. >> others and in washington are striking a bipartisan tone. they agree that this is the only way to face
9:02 am
current economic problems. >> we have to get to where we have worked together a gan and this is critical if we will continue to move forward. >> at this point we can tell you that at the end of it all the president was put over the top by three groups the young voters the female voters and minorities. >> former president nominate mid romney conceded arrest late last night and he spoke very briefly. neither of a critical swing states went for romney. it made it impossible for him to pick up the 270 editorial bulls
9:03 am
to win. he stated that he called president obama and he congratulated him. >> the nation isn't a critical point. at a time like this we cannot risk partisan victory. i wish that i would have been able to lead the company in a different direction but the nation chose another leader and i will join with you to pray for him and this great nation. >> romney in the denied surrounded by his family and his friends. >> at 9 03 a.m. we will go to our hot spot. >> this is one of these accidents that has had a big ripple effect. it has been clear for a while but there's still activity on the shoulder. it is a problem with how backed up the traffic on highway 24.
9:04 am
all the traffic heading in this direction it is usually backed up a little bit but this morning the traffic was backed up all the way in oakland. lookit this high with 13 which is still slow at one time it was backed up all the way to san leandro. 580 is slower than usual getting into all plan. if you were just heading south to dublin you had to get through all this traffic that have backed up. people that had nothing to do with this was such try to go in this direction got held up. finally we are saying some relief for all of these people and we continue to track other delays. there is
9:05 am
a long delay due to an accident and installed. we're finally said some relief on 880 south bound. some relief is underway now. it is now on 9 of 5:00 a.m.. >> here is a live look at the camp. we will be have been cooler temperatures for today and will will continue this trend for the next couple of days. this evening the fog will return and it will be an increasing clouds. the visibility maybe compromise for this morning.
9:06 am
san jose is lesson to miles this morning. temperatures for to there in the upper 60s for mountain view. it is still a pretty nice day and will talk more about this later. >> here in the nose wrong with our tracking the latest wall street. this is beneath the $13 and more. it state this way at least for the last half hour. if the election is behind us and the traders are now turning their attention to the slide around your. we have tax increases and spending cuts and this was all theirs-with president obama reelected the worry is that the political gridlock will continue and this may put us
9:07 am
closer and closer to a financial cliff. rob black will be joining us to talk about. >> will take a quick break.
9:08 am
9:09 am
>> and 53% of voters were against this. we have been under seven years of
9:10 am
lawsuits regarding people injection. these lawsuits are supposed to wrap up next year because of the death penalty will resume. there are 13 inmates who are sitting on death row and the exhausted all their repeals. they will be scheduled to be executed next year >> this failed to 53%. >> the u.s. senate have their first openly gay senator. baldwin stated that her sexual orientation will gain attention of this is not why she ran. >> i am well aware that i will be the first openly gay member of the senate. i did
9:11 am
not run to make history and i ran to make a difference. >> baldwin is wisconsin's first female senator. >> just into kron 4 mills here are live pictures outside of washington d.c.. we are waiting to hear him discuss what the democrats have done by maintaining the senate. >> will he remain the majority leader in the senate will will find out. we are keeping an eye on this. >> we're also watching wall street and the industrial is falling. the dow is down by 2%.
9:12 am
9:13 am
9:14 am
>> i know how to fight. i know how to dance. i do not dance as well as i've tried. but rather dance all the time. i do still feel this way. it is better to dance
9:15 am
identified. is better to work together. everything does not have to be a fight. >> here is a big showdown at the end of the year and our political expert michael adoptee is joining us now. >> is there any more leverage here forever want to work together? >> i always work that after this election was over there want to get together and work together. my gut feeling is that with the fiscal year and a relief from sandy i anticipate the market together and hopefully quietly to get this done and stabilize. i do not think that will good if the republicans engage in obstruction. when the fiscal year is on line for both the
9:16 am
domestic and spending. >> in the square you are looking at the dow down by 300 points. the president does have a big mandate. i did what this says to john and the republicans is that when they looked at the two- party there is an agenda for some change going on. we need to show the american people that we could do this by moving forward. it may not be all praise this but i think that will get an agreement. this should not be deep offsets. issue abysmal selling.
9:17 am
>> they reenter me next week and the president will reach out to mitt romney. he will probably ask for his assistance and will see whether not he will give it. i think this was a bold statement that he made and he did talk about reaching out to him last night in his speech and he stated that best-i have never heard this before and i think this is a good sign in will say how mitt romney responses periods >> did their reach out to you? >> i do not like to speculate. i will say this bed during the campaign i
9:18 am
was in touch with people and i did offer my advice and suggestions. i do have a lot of friends were in the administration and as with anything if they called i have to consider it. i got involved in politics and i have been involved because i like to serve and i like to provide service to the country. whether it is working for board of supervisors or commentary and analysis. >> if you were serving a republican party when the boss of guilt? >> if i was working for a republican campaign i would be very rich because out charged in a lot of money but sears lake republicans have a big challenge before them because when you look at the voting democratic women voted for obama and
9:19 am
the romney may have gotten 20 percent or even less. when you look at the asian bowls there's were obama and if you look at the you to vote. there is a demographic voting here i think that what the sit down and decide how they would change the way that will go for.forward. >> it is now on 9:19 a.m.. if you want to connect with michael yaqui he will be gone but you can follow him one twitter at his ball.log.
9:20 am
>> we are still tracking problems on 24. >> even though conditions have improved the direction in which this occurred. the heavy as traffic is still try to work his way westbound and we're looking at our roundup. the headlights are still best- days bound back up and all of these have cleared the westbound 24 is still slow. it is not the traffic that is trying to get into here but the traffic that is trying to turn left onto highway 24. we are still delayed here. here's a quick bridge check and at the bay bridge westbound we're understanding-- >> we want to look at thand
9:21 am
new england. the snow was coming down to as the north east is still dealing with sandy. >> this has been named athena. it is impacting places from washington and new york city. look at all this rain and snow. we are worried about the wind gust and through tomorrow there will be some freezing rain and sleet. there will be additional coastal flooding and more power outages. we are watching the storm carefully as it will impact a lot of locations. our napa was there is no storm to talk about. we do see fog.
9:22 am
you concede that this is rolling in. for today was see more sunshine by the afternoon but it will be cooler. the temperatures won't be in the '60s and '70s. tomorrow scattered showers are possible and maybe thunderstorms. overall the we can look pretty nice. it will be cooler if not chilly. the temperatures right now is 54 degrees for downtown we are seeing a lot of fog in a lot locations. napa of the visibility is down to 2 mi.. redwood city has 3 mi. visibility. take plenty of time to get to your destination this morning. satellite and
9:23 am
radar showed there is a cold front coming. it is interim basically northbound california. this will make its way and tomorrow and you will really notice the cool air. we're not talking about a lot rain but this arctic air is corn to really chill things out over the next couple of days. our future cast shows the showers and maybe thunderstorms will be on thursday. we will be right back. we are the sons and daughters of farmers who made cheese;
9:24 am
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9:26 am
the keepers of the loafs. the people who will never lower the bar. our world started in deep green grass and rain and the hills and the waves and the big, tall trees of tillamook, oregon. we make cheese of an exquisite standard and we live in a special place... where pure and good were invented. >> the dow jones is now down to 96. can you say that this is at stake bed due to the president ben reflectebeing reeg
9:27 am
reflective. >>we elected. and we elecreele >> we're also hearing that they do not believe that this is a 1 to today paying. i do not think so. >> the earnings were pretty good this ear. the low interest rates will remain in place
9:28 am
and this is a good thing if we are going to borrow money as a nation. dahmer rhoda will probably create inflation. you will probably see obama, was a new trade agreements. >> we will be right back as kron 4 continues.
9:29 am
9:30 am
>> san jose is less than 2
9:31 am
mi.. if you should keep this in mind as you are traveling outside this morning. that average delay is just a ball under one hour at the airports due to low visibility. >> good morning as we continue to track the highway 24. this has been our hot spot. then serve starting to completely clear and northbound--we are still a bit backed up on 680 south bound but these backups are from the unwinding. we're seeing better conditions here for the westbound ride. we are
9:32 am
still slow for ride on 680. the center has just updated that it is much less read and that means that speeds are improving. >> back to the election mitt romney took the stage
9:33 am
>> i wish that i was able to fill your hopes to lead the country. i believe in america and i'm running for president. >> not of the swing states where it romney's way and he was not able to pick up the 270 electoral votes to win as president. >> president obama congratulating paul ryan and a mid romney for a hard fought campaign. >> we care so strongly
9:34 am
about the future. >> i believe in the people of america. and i ran for office because i am concerned about americans. >> after mitt romney spoke he was joined onstage by his family and his running mate paul ryan and his family. he stated that he had i given much thought to loosen. he stated that he still has a wife and children that are important to him whether he won or lost. >> proposition 30 it california air was very close but californians voted to not improve-- >> a lot of parents this
9:35 am
morning and teachers are breathing a sigh of relief. his if it had not passed then there would have been immediate cut its. now that has passed this will happen as far as--here is bullet points to would like to show you. it will raise the sales tax by 25¢ over the next four years. this will begin on january 1, 2013. you talk about income-tax and anyone making over two and a $50,000 the war also raise your income tax. this will be implemented this year.
9:36 am
>> we know how politicians waste money and there's nothing that can guarantee that this money will go education. >> this teacher is in the minorities and swell as the paris.this was only an 8% difference. the governor
9:37 am
will have a nose conference about an hour and have and he will talk about the signature victory. he put this on the table and there were a lot of talks that it would be defeated. >> one of the wealthiest counties marin county it had the highest approval rating for this. they had 68 percent for their area. >> more men and a lot of the students in iran improbable the colleg and that is probabl we all know about the increase in the tuition and the curriculum. he spent the last couple of weeks going to campuses telling them what will happen and how it would hurt them. they were the ones who were the driving force to get this pass. >> we will be right back as
9:38 am
kron 4 continues. ♪
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>> have family of six escaped flames that destroyed their home. their family dog was killed in the fire. this is the 8100 block of marion. fire fighters remained on the scene investigating the fire. >> let's go back to california and talk about the propositions here. >> if proposition 32 would have prohibited money taken out of union dues and the support of this has gone down. 56 percent said no pripet now to proposition 33 this would have put the insurance discount with feel
9:42 am
if you switch insurance companies. for new drivers or someone who did not produce a have ottawa insurance you would most likely see increases. this was also also >> ♪
9:43 am
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9:45 am
>> focusing back on the election. >> this reassures california. she goes back for a fourth term. the 79 year-old mayor campaign on our legislative record and with a lot of money. >> she raised more than $8 million. >> more on the propositions. proposition 34 would have repealed the death penalty. it was a head early but it
9:46 am
was also defeated. the death penalty has not held up here due to lawsuits. these will come to an end sometime next year and we will see it resume in the state of california. >> proposition 35 was human trafficking. it requires them to register as sex offenders in this pass overwhelmingly. >> proposition 31 did not pass so this means that he was a with a one-year plan. this would have given the gove governor ways that he cut-stashed >> at 161 year-old woman has bowed and her first presidential election. she cast her road sinc
9:47 am
>> her h shows and her slow careful shoveling. on this election day these steps have become big ones for her. >> this is my first time voting. she was born 160 years ago and she has never cast a vote. she has been alive for at least 19 presidential elections. >> i just did not vote. >> she changed her mind recently when her friends stopped by. >> i was sitting talking to her and she stated she wanted to register to vote. >> from there it was time
9:48 am
for her to make personal history. our friend helped trigger the process >> what took almost a century to happen >> did happen and finally she voted. >> she can hardly what the sheik to push herself here. it makes me feel good. >> if you are looking for good fanfare you will not find a. judging by her smile is pretty clear. >> i fell are right. >> you cannot complain if you do not so serious >> one elderly guy who voted in michigan dropped to the
9:49 am
floor and the first thing he said was that he won a to make sure that he had cast his post if >>vote. >> today is still a pretty nice day. we are expecting more sunshine but it will be cooler. there will be no 80s. tomorrow there will be scattered showers and a chance of thunderstorms. rain will linger and on friday and the weekend will be chilly. santa rosa visibility is down. mountain view as down to 3 mi.. i think i know all this fall should start to burn off. there is a look at the satellite's radar. this is the cold front that will come through am right now it
9:50 am
is just passing through your rica.. we're not really concernd about the high rain amounts we're just more concerned about the cold air coming from the arctic. you can even see frost in some locations. here is a look that future cast. you could see some of the showers that are coming man. it is not widespread and the rain is expected and will be spotty. maybe at coppola thunderstorms are possibl andhere's a look venture high for this after del. temperatures will be getting up to about 70 degrees. san
9:51 am
of that will be struggling to get out of the '60s. and walnut creek is close to 70 degrees. pittsburg will be at 72. for our friends and the north bay neighborhood san rafael was up the upper 60s. 72 for santa rosa and richmond will be at 63 degrees. ocean beach will be much cooler into the lower 64 today. >> cooler for thursday and the same deal was for the bay. there will be showers and that would just be scattered. it will feel like a cold rain if you do see it. saturday and sunday it will really drop. maybe 40's and some areas. monday for
9:52 am
veterans day it will be mild. >> here is a look at your traffic with george. >> as we continue to come on the back up from a hot spot. he was highway 24 in these bound direction. the accident took two hours to clear but it mostly affected westmount 24. all the backups have cleared except for the southbound 680. this is still running at 28 to 30 minutes. the long ride than usual. the bridges have cleared and the bay bridge has no backups or delays. the san mateo bridge did not say the normal driver * that is common for. you're ride
9:53 am
to the golden gate bridge was much heavier earlier this light and easy. >> here is no video of mitt romney and his wife leaving their hotel after they lost the battle against presidency. mitt romney congratulated president obama won reelection and he did wish him a successful second term. >> some of the nation's major airlines are once again cassolette flights due to end of the storm system tecanceling flights due to a another storm. it most of them have been booked to other flights and sea change waivers have been issued. >> we showed you snow pitchers and the costco
9:54 am
flood warnings. >>
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
>whether i owned earned your boater not i have listened to you and >> whether i have earned your boat or not i have become a better president by you. it >> we do have cooler weather out and we can look pretty good. we will see you back here at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. >> thank you for joining us.
9:58 am
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